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How Much Can You Save on Training?

Recently, CorrectionsOne Academy built a new tool to help facilities determine their cost savings by transitioning part of their required annual training to an online learning solution. Our ROI calculator estimates your current spend on training versus how much you can save on online corrections training with CorrectionsOne Academy’s platform.

The goal for this estimation tool is to demonstrate how moving part of your annual training to an online solution can positively impact your bottom line and reduce budget spending.

With our potential savings estimator, your facility can:*

  • Evaluate the cost/benefit of purchasing an online solution
  • Determine the time saved on tracking and reporting training
  • Compare existing training procedures to our features & functionality
*Disclaimer: To receive your potential savings calculation, you must complete a demo of CorrectionsOne Academy with a sales representative.

For more information on CorrectionsOne Academy, click here to schedule a demo, email our Customer Success Team or call 1-866-941-4090 to speak with one of our CorrectionsOne Academy representatives.

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Meet Compliance With These New Training Courses

CorrectionsOne Academy recently released new training courses to add to your training program. These courses, and 100s more, can now be assigned to your officers. With CorrectinonsOne Academy, facilities can assign training, track policy compliance, simply onboard new hires and more! Check out the new courses we’ve rolled our below.

New Full-Length Courses

Building Financial Strength in First Responder Families

1 HOUR – You have a great career as a first responder and you are making good money. How do you ensure you can retire with what you need? Many of us do not know the answer to that question. We often plan our budgets and spending, but how many first responder personnel sit down and plan for retirement? It is imperative to start planning for retirement early in your career. This course will provide a basic understanding of financial tools and requirements so that you can achieve economic health. Having a plan is critical to help reduce stress, alleviate ethical issues, maintain security clearances, and stop living paycheck to paycheck.

Maintaining Boundaries for Corrections Staff

1 HOUR – This course is designed to inform anyone that deals with or has contact with incarcerated inmates about manipulation. Inmates will go to great lengths to convince staff to abandon professionalism, common sense and their better judgment in order to violate professional boundaries.  This course will discuss these main topics: knowing where you are, knowing who you are dealing with, knowing how inmates target and manipulate staff and learning safeguards and methods to resist the inmate manipulator.

Managing Special Inmate Populations

1 HOUR – This is a course about special inmate populations – the inmates that are not in the ‘mainstream’ inmate general population. Correctional officers are a type of specialist – they handle inmates with unique problems. Some inmates require more attention than others, and knowledge of these inmates is power. By properly handling them, you and your agency decrease the chances of being found liable in a lawsuit. This course gives you the tools that you need to safely supervise several special types of inmates. Correctional facilities are grappling with issues concerning inmates who are mentally ill, suicidal, are LGTBI, or are housed in isolation. Issues that are often the result of these populations include increased risk of suicide, assault of other inmates or staff, and harmful effects of isolation.

For more information on CorrectionsOne Academy, click here to schedule a demo or call 866.941.4090 to speak with one of our CorrectionsOne Academy representatives.

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Updated Courses Set to be Released in January

Our CorrectionsOne Academy content and accreditation team has made a collaborative effort this year to evaluate the latest trends and topics in corrections to help build a more in-depth training library for our clients. With the feedback provided by you, we’ve made the necessary changes to older courses, while continuing to add new and original content to our learning management platform.

On December 31, 2017, we will be retiring older versions of course content, with new versions going live on January 1, 2018. To ensure that you and/or your personnel have completed course requirements before they are either removed or updated, please review the list below to see what has changed.

Updated Courses

  • De-Escalation and Minimizing Use of Force
  • Understanding and Responding to Excited Delirium Calls

Name Change

  • LGBIT Issues is now The LGBTQ Community

If you have questions or need assistance, please click here to contact your Customer Success representative.

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New Courses to Maintain Compliance

CorrectionsOne Academy has released new courses to add to your facility’s training programs. These courses, and more, can be assigned to correctional officers and tracked for compliance. Read what’s available in our learning management system!

CIT for Correctional Facilities

Corrections Officers are confronted daily with incarcerated individuals that have a mental illness. This one hour course is designed to increase correctional officers’ ability to recognize and respond to a mental health crisis in correctional facilities.

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

This course is an overview that focuses on the importance of addressing sexual safety in Prisons, also addressing information on the risks of failing to comply with PREA Standards.

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