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Correctional officers receive a great deal of training before and during their career, but it is always important to keep re-training and developing professionally. In addition to having to meet annual mandatory training, facilities can look into online learning opportunities to not only reduce budgetary cost but be a beneficial resource for training officers on current events and hot topics that occur throughout the justice system.

Below are 5 featured corrections training courses that can help develop and prepare officers for situations that may occur while on duty.

  • Suicide Prevention in Jails
  • In this one-hour course, Corrections Officers will be introduced to the prevalence, prevention, and aftereffects of suicide in jails.

  • Interacting with the Mentally Ill as a First Responder
  • With the increased number of cases in the mental health population as well as greater mental instability within the general public, dealing with the mentally ill has become a common occurrence for first responders. Often lacking is a strong knowledge base and proper tools and techniques for how to handle and interact with these individuals safely and effectively. Proper identification and understanding of the major mental disorders are essential. Additionally, being able to identify the various classes of psychiatric medications and their uses will help the first responder in the identification of the type of mental illness as well as guide his or her interaction.

  • Cultural Diversity: Challenging Stereotypes
  • In this video, Sgt. Nancy Fatura discusses stereotypes in an in depth look at what stereotypes are and how they relate to law enforcement. She also examines general characteristics of the most prominent communities in which officers typically come into contact.

  • Use of Force in Corrections
  • In this one-hour course, Corrections Officers will gain a deeper understanding on the basics, the legal, and the civil implications on use of force.

  • Understanding and Responding to Excited Delirium Calls
  • Whether the mental upset is the result of a chemical intake, emotional despair, mental illness, or cognitive challenges, excited delirium calls often place officers at continuous risk by the unknown that each of these categories presents. Knowing how to deal with a volatile situation, such as excited delirium, reduces the risk associated with the incident for the officer as well as for the subject. With the overarching mission statement of to protect and serve; we must continue to find tactically correct methods for dealing with observed irrational behavior.

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