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CorrectionsOne Academy continues to serve the corrections industry by creating relevant training content for facilities to properly train officers to handle situations that occur in jails and prisons. Though officers receive substantial training before and during their career, we know it is important to keep re-training and developing professionally. With a subscription to our online training solution, your facility can simplify training processes to develop and prepare officers for on and off-duty situations.

New/Featured Courses

  • Understaning Inmates’ Rights – Legal Trends
  • As a corrections officer, it is important to understand that the inmates in your custody have constitutional rights. It makes no difference what they are charged with or what is in their criminal history. The subject of inmate rights has evolved for more than 50 years. Correctional personnel do not have to be lawyers, but they must understand inmates’ rights and liability. This course will provide a basic, but working knowledge examination of inmates’ constitutional rights and trends in courts’ decisions that affect those rights.

  • Value of Inmate Programs
  • This course will be a clear discussion of the need for programs in our correctional facilities. Corrections has been portrayed as a discipline where offenders are locked up and strictly controlled. But the truth is that most inmates will be released back into our community at some point. Corrections means many different things-such as incapacitation and control. But corrections also means reintegration and rehabilitation. While the offender is incarcerated, corrections staff have an opportunity to help him or her change their behavior. But the inmate has to want to change. Due to a lifestyle spanning many years of negative behavior, some inmates find it difficult to seek help. Another aspect of inmate programs that will be discussed is the benefits to correctional personnel. Inmate programs can have a positive effect on the institutional climate.

  • Suicide Prevention in Jails
  • This one-hour course provides law enforcement officers with the proper tools to prevent and address suicide prevention as it relates to mental illness.

  • Use of Force in Corrections
  • In this one-hour course, Corrections Officers will gain a deeper understanding on the basics, the legal, and the civil implications on use of force.

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