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CorrectionsOne Academy has added many new system features and functionality this year, continuing to improve our training management solution for jails and correctional facilities. Most recently, we turned our focus to our course library and making it easy for administrators to find exactly what they’re looking to assign to officers. As a result, we’ve re-organized our set of available course topics. Our content development and accreditation teams works hard to ensure we continue to offer the most relevant training topics for the safety and preparation of our correctional officers, as well as provide the best user experience in our learning management solution.

On January 11, 2019, the new categories will go into effect and will be available to administrators in the ‘Topics’ drop-down menu within CorrectionsOne Academy. Some of the topics will look familiar and will not have changed. There will also be a new set of topics not previously offered. All courses, including any custom courses you may have created within the system specific to your facility, have been moved accordingly to the most appropriate topic.

An added bonus? As we overhauled the categories used across our nearly 3,300 courses at Praetorian Digital, we identified nearly 125 courses that cover highly-requested professional development needs like Human Resources, General Safety, Professional Skills and more, which we’ll be adding to facility accounts when we make the change later this month. All courses are in the process of being submitted to the appropriate accrediting bodies for review for possible credit towards license requirements. Additional details will be provided as they become available.

A full mapping of the topic changes are included below for easy reference. You can always contact your Customer Success Manager with any questions you may have as well.

View the topic changes below:

New Topic Old Topic
Career Survival for Corrections Ethical Behavior for Corrections Officers, Effective Communications
Contraband Control No Change
Correctional Healthcare Handling Medically Related Issues
Corrections Leadership Leadership Skills
Corrections Officer Safety Officer Safety
Cultural Awareness for Corrections Cultural Diversity
Defensive Tactics for Corrections Use of Force, Defensive Tactics for Corrections
Escorting Inmates No Change
Facilities Administration Writing Reports, Training Series – Compliance (HR/Safety), Corrections Training
Health and Wellness for Corrections Dealing with Stress
Hostage Situations Understanding Hostage Incidents
Juvenile Offenders No Old Topic
Legal Issues No Change
Mental Health for Inmates Mental Health in Jails
Probation and Parole No Old Topic
Products and Technologies for Corrections No Old Topic
Reality Training for Corrections No Old Topic
Security Threat Groups for Corrections Security Threat Groups
Sponsored Courses for Corrections No Old Topic
Supervising Inmates Supervising Inmates, Nutritional Standards
Tactical Response Riot Response for Corrections