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Accredited SCCJA Courses from CorrectionsOne Academy

CorrectionsOne Academy is a SCCJA certified training provider and can be used to fulfill the 40 hours of South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy in-service training required every year. Are you looking for a way to meet SCCJA training requirements while saving the time, money and hassle associated with in-person training and manual documentation? You’ve come to the right place.

CorrectionsOne Academy is accredited to provide the following SCCJA courses online:

Course Title Course Number Hours
Alcohol Abuse Emergencies in Jails/Prisons CCC101 2
Basic Jail Security Principles CSI101 1
Booking and Admissions CSI102 1
CIT for Correctional Facilities CCT107 1
Classification of Inmates CSI103 1
Combating Complacency in Jails CCIJ100 1
Cognitive Behavioral Training in Juvenile Corrections JUOF101 1
Corrections 1 CORR101 1
Corrections 2 CORR102 1
Corrections 3 CORR103 1
Corrections 4 CORR104 1
Corrections Liability LEGL119 1
Court Tactics and Techniques CCT109 1
Defensive Tactics 1 DEFT101 1
Defensive Tactics 2 DEFT102 1
Defensive Tactics 3 DEFT103 1
Defensive Tactics 4 DEFT014 1
Defensive Tactics 5 DEFT105 1
Defensive Tactics 6 DEFT106 1
Defensive Tactics 7 DEFT107 1
Defensive Tactics 8 DEFT108 1
Defensive Tactics 9 DEFT109 1
Defensive Tactics 10 DEFT110 1
Defensive Tactics 11 DEFT111 1
Defensive Tactics 12 DEFT112 1
Defensive Tactics 13 DEFT114 1
Defensive Tactics 15 DEFT116 1
Disciplinary Procedures in a Corrections Setting CCT101 1
Distracted Driving For First Responders DDFFR100 1
Drug Withdrawal in Jail CHM101 2
Escorting Inmates CEI101 1
Ethical Behavior for Corrections Officers CEB101 2
Ethics in Juvenile Corrections JUOF102 1
Extreme Ownership Leadership Training 101: Believe with Jocko and Leif** EOLT101 1
Extreme Ownership Leadership Training 102: Extreme Ownership with Jocko and Leif** EOLT102 1
Extreme Ownership Leadership Training 103: Laws of Combat with Jocko and Leif** EOLT103 1
Extreme Ownership Leadership Training 104: Mindsets for Victory with Jocko and Leif** EOLT104 1
Extreme Ownership Leadership Training 105: The Dichotomy of Leadership with Jocko and Leif** EOLT105 1
Extreme Ownership Leadership Training 106: Leading Up and Down the Chain of Command with Jocko and Leif** EOLT106 1
Female Offenders and Related Issues CSI104 2
Fire Prevention and Response Plan for Jails CCT102 1
Handling Medical Emergencies CHM102 1
Inmate Correspondence CSI105 1
Inmate Employment CSI106 1
Inmate Record Keeping CSI107 1
Introduction to Probation CCT110 1
Investigating Deaths in Jails JACO107 1
Jail Release Procedures CSI108 1
Jail Risk Management CCT103 1
Juvenile Corrections CCT104 1
Juvenile Justice STOP132 1
Maintaining Boundaries for Corrections Staff CSI111 1
Managing Employee Records in Correctional Facilities CSI109 1
Managing Special Inmate Populations CSI112 1
Mental Health in Jails CMH101 1
MRSA in Correctional Facilities CMH103 1
Nutritional Standards for Correctional Facilities CNS101 1
Patrol Procedures in Correctional Facilities CCT105 1
PREA: Rights, Reporting, and Retaliation for Juvenile Detention PREA125 1
PREA: Rights, Reporting, and Retaliation for Prisons and Jails PREA200 1
Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Overview LEGL001 1
Riot Response for Corrections CRR101 1
Safety First: A Refresher in Facility Security CCT111 1
Stress Management for Corrections Officers CSCO101 1
Suicide Prevention in Jails CMH102 1
Supervising Inmates CSI110 1
Supervision of Inmates in Dining Areas CNS102 1
Understanding Inmates’ Rights – Legal Trends LEGL120 1
Use of Force in Corrections CUF101 1
Value of Inmate Programs SUIN101 1
Wellness for Corrections WELL102 1


**This premium course requires a subscription. Please inquire if interested.