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I’ve lost/forgot my username and/or password.

Please contact your department’s administrator for your username and/or password or go to the password recovery page. If you are the administrator and have forgotten your department’s username and/or password, email Academy Support or call 844.312.9500 between 8:00 AM and 5:30 PM PST.

I want to change my department’s logo.

To upload your department’s logo, log in to My Account. Your image file can be no larger than 4MB. If you need further assistance, please contact Academy Support.

What types of organizations subscribe to the CorrectionsOne Academy, and who are some of your current clients?

The CorrectionsOne Academy clients include public safety personnel at Correctional Facilities, Parole Officers, Probation Officers, Corrections Training Academies, Educational Universities, Federal Agencies, and Courts. The 24/7 accessibility of the Academy allows all walks of public safety officials to utilize the training in a way that works for them, on a schedule that works for them.

How do Departments incorporate the Academy into their Training Program?

Whether using it for self-paced, roll call or assigned training, the CorrectionsOne Academy is a flexible program that can serve as an effective training tool for your department. To read how other departments are implementing the CorrectionsOne Academy, click here.

I am an individual officer who is interested in the Academy. Can I sign up for a subscription on my own?

Yes. Individual officers are able to signup for the Academy without their Department. You can contact us for information at (415) 318-8311, or click here and sign up now with our individual subscription form. An individual subscription is 1 year unlimited access to the Academy.

Is the CorrectionsOne Academy certified in my state for continuing education credit?

CorrectionsOne Academy is available for educational credit in many states. To find out if we are currently certified in your state, please visit our Accreditation page. We are working to certify the CorrectionsOne Academy for state standards nationwide.

When can I access videos?

Subscribers with an Internet connection have access to training materials 24/7.

How do you go into full screen mode?

Be sure you have a JavaScript-enabled browser. You may also have security software blocking the playback or scripting. Try temporarily disabling your security software as a test, or configure your security software to allow playback, cookies, and popups from

Why does the streaming video keep pausing?

You may be experiencing slow data transfer. If you pause the movie and wait for more (or all) of it to download before you resume playing, it will play without stopping. You can tell how much of the video has downloaded by looking at the controller bar at the bottom of the player window. You will see the bar fill in with gray, from left to right, as the video downloads. Once the controller bar is completely filled in with gray, the video has finished downloading.

What are the system requirements for watching the online videos?

Complete system requirements can be found on our Desktop Computer Requirements fact sheet.

Why is the video not available or playing back?

Should you encounter such an issue, and your computer meets the system requirements, please email us and we will send you instructions to perform a quick test that will assist in determining a solution.

Why can’t I view videos from my mobile device?

Check the Mobile Device Requirements page to see if you are using a compatible mobile device and operating system. In most cases, upgrading to the most recent operating system will resolve the issue.

Can I create my own playlists?

As a subscriber, you have access to download and store as many videos as you would like on your personal computer. is working on a feature that will allow you to create a “My Account” playlist, as well.

How can I upload my own videos or courses?

If you would like to upload your department’s videos or courses, please contact us at

If you have additional comments or questions please email us or call 844.312.9500.