Certified, Accredited Online Corrections Training

Accepted in 5 States

  • The CorrectionsOne Academy currently offers 72 hours of accredited training.
  • A certificate is awarded at the completion of each 1-hour course.
  • Training records can be easily sorted and exported.
  • Individuals can view their completed and assigned training at any time.

CorrectionsOne Academy is currently recognized as a Certified Training Provider in the following states:

  • California – CorrectionsOne Academy provides 76 hours of training to meet the 24 hours of Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) required training.
  • North Dakota* – CorrectionsOne Academy provides 20 hours of North Dakota POST required training (per year) and 60 total training hours required every three years.
  • South Carolina – Can be used to fulfill the 40 hours of South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy in-service training required every three years.
  • Tennessee – CorrectionsOne Academy provides 8 hours of online training to meet the 43 hours required by the Tennessee Corrections Institue (TCI) for annual continuing education.
  • Texas* – CorrectionsOne Academy offers training courses to meet the 40 hours of Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) annual continuing education requirements.

*Direct reporting from CorrectionsOne Academy to the states recognized corrections organization is available or mandated

C1A Certified

Certified Training Provider in 5 states

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