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Certified, Accredited Online Corrections Training

Accepted in 6 States

  • The CorrectionsOne Academy currently offers 72 hours of accredited training.
  • A certificate is awarded at the completion of each 1-hour course.
  • Training records can be easily sorted and exported.
  • Individuals can view their completed and assigned training at any time.

CorrectionsOne Academy is currently recognized as a Certified Training Provider in the following states:

  • California – CorrectionsOne Academy provides 70 hours of training to meet the 24 hours of Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) required training.
  • Maryland -Can be used to fulfill all 18 hours of MD Correctional Training Commission’s required annual training. (Course credits may not exceed 3 hours per course)
  • North Dakota* – CorrectionsOne Academy provides 20 hours of North Dakota POST required training (per year) and 60 total training hours required every three years.
  • South Carolina -Can be used to fulfill the 40 hours of South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy in-service training required every year
  • Tennessee – CorrectionsOne Academy provides 12 hours of online training to meet the 40 hours required by the Tennessee Corrections Institute (TCI) for annual continuing education. CorrectionsOne Academy is TCI approved for local agency training hours.
  • Texas* – CorrectionsOne Academy offers training courses to meet the 40 hours of Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) annual continuing education requirements.



*Direct reporting from CorrectionsOne Academy to the states recognized corrections organization is available or mandated

C1A Certified

Certified Training Provider in 6 states

CorrectionsOne Academy can be used in the following states for Continuing Education Credit:

Michigan – Can be used to satisfy the annual 20-hour in-service training requirement for Local Corrections Officers, provided they coincide with the approved training topics listed on the Michigan Sheriffs’ Coordinating and Training Council (MSCTC) website and comply with MSCTC requirements (at least three different topics per year, no more than 10 hours of annual firearms training).
For more information regarding state specific approved courses, please click here to email us.

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