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Accredited Tennessee Corrections Courses from CorrectionsOne Academy

CorrectionsOne Academy is a certified training provider for the Tennessee Corrections Institute (TCI). We offer training that can be used to fulfill the 12 hours of required online training needed to complete TCI’s 40 hours of annual continuing education required. CorrectionsOne Academy is TCI approved for local agency training hours.
Are you looking for a way to meet TCI training requirements while saving the time, money and hassle associated with in-person training and manual documentation? You’ve come to the right place.

The following required TCI courses are available through CorrectionsOne Academy:

Course Title Course Number Hours
Alcohol Abuse Emergencies in Jails/Prisons CCC101 2
Basic Jail Security Principles CSI101 1
Booking and Admissions CSI102 1
CIT for Correctional Facilities CCT107 1
Classification of Inmates CSI103 1
Cognitive Behavioral Training in Juvenile Corrections JUOF101 1
Contraband Control CCC102 1
Corrections 1 CORR101 1
Corrections 2 CORR102 1
Corrections 3 CORR103 1
Corrections 4 CORR104 1
Corrections Liability LEGL119 1
Court Tactics and Techniques CCT109 1
Disciplinary Procedures in a Corrections Setting CCT101 1
Drug Withdrawal in Jail CHM101 2
Escorting Inmates CEI101 1
Ethical Behavior for Corrections Officers CEB101 2
Ethics in Juvenile Corrections JUOF102 1
Female Offenders and Related Issues CSI104 2
Fire Prevention and Response Plan for Jails CCT102 1
Handling Medical Emergencies CHM102 1
Hostage Negotiations HNEG101 2
Inmate Correspondence CSI105 1
Inmate Employment CSI106 1
Inmate Record Keeping CSI107 1
Introduction to Probation CCT110 1
Investigating Deaths in Jails JACO107 1
Jail Release Procedures CSI108 1
Jail Risk Management CCT103 1
Juvenile Corrections CCT104 1
Maintaining Boundaries for Corrections Staff CSI111 1
Managing Employee Records in Correctional Facilities CSI109 1
Managing Special Inmate Populations CSI112 1
Mental Health in Jails CMH101 1
MRSA in Correctional Facilities CHM103 1
Nutritional Standards for Correctional Facilities CNS101 1
Patrol Procedures in Correctional Facilities CCT105 1
Riot Response for Corrections CRR101 1
Safety First: A Refresher in Facility Security CCT111 1
Stress Management for Corrections Officers CSCO101 1
Suicide Prevention in Jails CMH102 1
Supervising Inmates CSI110 1
Supervision of Inmates in Dining Areas CNS102 1
Understanding Inmates’ Rights – Legal Trends LEGL120 1
Use Of Force in Corrections CUF101 1
Value of Inmate Programs SUIN101 1

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