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Accredited Maryland Commission Approved Courses from CorrectionsOne Academy

CorrectionsOne Academy is now an approved provider for Maryland Correctional Training Commission for online training, and courses are available for In-Service training credit. Officers can complete our courses to fulfill all 18 hours of Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) towards their annual In-Service training requirements. (Course credits may not exceed 3 hours per course)

Are you looking for a way to meet Commission approved training requirements while saving the time, money and hassle associated with in-person training and manual documentation? You’ve come to the right place.

CorrectionsOne Academy is approved to provide the following Maryland Commission Approved courses online:

Course Name Course Number Hours
Absorbents and Spills C18755 1h
ADA Compliance in Business C18756 1h
Advanced Defensive Driving Techniques C18757 1h
Airborne and Bloodborne Pathogens C17960 1h
Alcohol Abuse Emergencies in Jails/Prisons C18758 2h
Anti-Bias Training for Law Enforcement (2 hours) C17858 2h
Anti-Harassment in the Workplace C19865 1h
Back Injuries C18759 1h
Basic Firearm Safety C18760 1h
Basic First Aid C18761 2h
Basic Jail Security Principles C18762 1h
Basic Telephone Skills C18763 1h
Best Practices in Dangerous Canine Encounters C18764 1h
Bloodborne Pathogens for First Responders C18765 1h
Booking and Admissions C18766 1h
Building Financial Strength in First Responder Families C17962 3h
Business Continuity C18767 1h
Career Professionalism C18768 1h
Child Abuse and Neglect C17963 2h
Children and Law Enforcement C18769 1h
CIT for Correctional Facilities C19000 1h
Classification of Inmates C17716 1h
Cognitive Behavioral Training in Juvenile Corrections C19001 1h
Combating Complacency in Jails C18929 1h
Communication Skills 1 C19002 1h
Communication Skills 2 C19003 1h
Communication Skills 3 C19004 1h
Communication Skills 4 C19005 1h
Community Policing C19006 2h
Computer Security Basics C19007 1h
Confined Spaces 101 C19008 1h
Confined Spaces 102 C19009 1h
Conflict and Dispute Resolution C19010 1h
Constitutional and Community Policing C19012 2h
Constitutional Law C19011 1h
Contraband Control C19014 1h
Controlling the Situation C19015 1h
Corrections 1 C19016 1h
Corrections 2 C19017 1h
Corrections 3 C19018 1h
Corrections 4 C19019 1h
Corrections Liability C19020 1h
Court Tactics and Techniques C19021 1h
Crisis Intervention Training Overview C19023 1h
Crisis Management C19024 1h
Crowd Control 1 C19025 1h
Crowd Control 2 C19026 1h
Crowd Control 3 C19027 1h
Cultural Awareness and Diversity Overview C17964 1h
Current Drug Trends C19028 2h
Cyberstalking C19150 1h
Dealing with Angry Employees C17718 1h
Dealing with Armed Suspects C19013 1h
Dealing with Cold Stress C19029 1h
Dealing with Heat Stress C19030 1h
Dealing with Stress C19031 1h
Dealing with the Media C19032 1h
De-Escalation and Minimizing Use of Force C17965 2h
De-escalation Strategies and Techniques C18300 2h
Defensive Driving Basics C19033 1h
Defensive Driving Principles C19034 1h
Defensive Tactics 1 C19035 1h
Defensive Tactics 2 C19036 1h
Defensive Tactics 3 C19037 1h
Defensive Tactics 4 C19038 1h
Defensive Tactics 5 C19039 1h
Defensive Tactics 6 C19040 1h
Defensive Tactics 7 C19041 1h
Defensive Tactics 8 C19151 1h
Defensive Tactics 9 C19152 1h
Defensive Tactics 10 C19153 1h
Defensive Tactics 11 C19154 1h
Defensive Tactics 12 C19155 1h
Defensive Tactics 13 C19156 1h
Defensive Tactics 15 C18194 1h
Developing Effective Communication Skills C19157 1h
Developing Leadership C17966 1h
Diabetic Emergencies C19158 1h
Disciplinary Procedures in a Corrections Setting C19159 1h
Discipline and Termination C19160 1h
Distracted Driving for First Responders C18813 1h
Diversity in the Workplace C19161 1h
Driving While Distracted C17968 2h
Drug and Alcohol Awareness C19162 1h
Drug Withdrawal in Jail C19163 2h
Eating Right for Health and Fitness C17969 1h
Effective Presentation Basics C19164 1h
Electrical and Fire Safety C19165 1h
Emergency Preparation and Egress C19190 1h
Emotional & Psychological Disorders 2 C19192 1h
Enhancing Work Relationships C19193 1h
Equipment Safety C19194 1h
Escorting Inmates C19195 1h
Ethical Behavior for Corrections Officers C19196 2h
Ethics in Juvenile Corrections C17719 1h
Ethics in Law Enforcement C17970 1h
Evidence Collection, Control, and Storage C19197 1h
Expect the Unexpected 1 C19198 1h
Extreme Ownership Leadership Training 101: Believe with Jocko and Leif** C18938 1h
Extreme Ownership Leadership Training 102: Extreme Ownership with Jocko and Leif** C18939 1h
Extreme Ownership Leadership Training 103: Laws of Combat with Jocko and Leif** C18940 1h
Extreme Ownership Leadership Training 104: Mindsets for Victory with Jocko and Leif** C18941 1h
Extreme Ownership Leadership Training 105: The Dichotomy of Leadership with Jocko and Leif** C18942 1h
Extreme Ownership Leadership Training 106: Leading Up and Down the Chain of Command with Jocko and Leif** C18943 1h
Fall Protection C19199 1h
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) C19200 1h
Female Offenders and Related Issues C19201 2h
Finance 101 for Non-Financial Managers C19202 1h
Fire Prevention and Response Plan for Jails C17720 1h
FMLA Training for Supervisors C19203 1h
Form I-9 and Employment Eligibility Verification C19204 1h
Gangs 1 C19176 1h
Gangs 2 C19177 1h
Gangs 3 C19178 1h
Generational Differences C18578 1h
Generational Differences for Law Enforcement C19179 1h
Handling Medical Emergencies C19181 1h
Hate Crimes Training For Law Enforcement C17971 1h
Hazmat First Responder Awareness (FRA) Level 1 C18594 1.5h
High Blood Pressure – Reducing Your Risks C19183 1h
HIPAA For First Responders C17721 1h
HIPAA: Protected Health Information For Public Entities C19184 1h
Holds and Restraints: Holds Demonstration C18299 1.75h
Holds and Restraints: Restraints Demonstration C18298 1h
Hostage Negotiations C19185 2h
How to Lead in Emotional Survival** C18814 1h
HR Recruitment and Selection Process C19186 1h
Implicit Bias C17972 1h
Inmate Correspondence C19187 1h
Inmate Employment C19188 1h
Inmate Record Keeping C19189 1h
Interacting with the Mentally Ill as a First Responder C17973 1h
Internet/ Technology in Law Enforcement 1 C19167 1h
Interviewing Skills for Managers: Conducting an Interview C19166 1h
Introduction to Probation C19170 1h
Investigating Deaths in Jails C17722 1h
Investigative Skills 1 C19171 1h
Investigative Skills 2 C19172 1h
Jail Release Procedures C19173 1h
Jail Risk Management C19169 1h
Juvenile Corrections C19174 1h
Juvenile Justice C19175 1h
Law Enforcement Stress Indicators C19272 1h
Leadership 1 C19273 1h
Leadership 2 C19274 1h
Leadership 3 C19214 1h
Leadership 4 C19215 1h
Leadership 5 C19216 1h
Leadership 6 C19217 1h
Leadership 7 C19218 1h
Leadership 8 C19219 1h
Leadership Essentials C18815 2h
Leadership in Law Enforcement C19220 1h
Leadership v. Management C19221 1h
Litigation Procedures C17974 1h
Maintaining Boundaries for Corrections Staff C19222 1h
Managing Employee Records in Correctional Facilities C19223 1h
Managing Fatigue in 24/7 Operations C19866 1h
Managing Special Inmate Populations C19224 1h
Mass Casualty, Natural Disaster Standards C19225 1h
Means of Egress C19226 1h
Mental Health in Jails C19227 1h
MRSA in Correctional Facilities C17723 1h
Nutritional Standards for Correctional Facilities C19228 1h
Off-Duty Safety & Survival 1 C19168 1h
Off-Duty, Safe, and Ready C19182 1h
Officer Liability C19180 2h
Officer Safety C19229 1h
Officer Survival 1 C19125 1h
Officer Survival 2 C19205 1h
Officer Survival 3 C19206 1h
Officer Survival 4 C19207 1h
Officer Survival 5 C19208 1h
Officer Tactical Training C17855 2h
Officer Well-Being C19209 1h
Officer Wellness & Mental Health Awareness C19867 2h
Opioid Crisis: Protecting Our First Responders C19210 1h
Overcoming Resistance: Start with Mental Preparation C19211 1h
Parliamentary Procedures C19212 1h
Patrol Procedures in Correctional Facilities C19213 1h
Performance Management C19275 1h
Personal Protective Equipment C19276 1h
PREA: Rights, Reporting, and Retaliation for Community Confinement C19538 1h
PREA: Rights, Reporting, and Retaliation for Juvenile Detention C18937 1h
PREA: Rights, Reporting, and Retaliation for Prisons and Jails C18816 1h
Preparing Your Response to Challenging Situations C19277 1h
Presenting Effective Testimony in a Courtroom C17976 1h
Press Conference and Briefing Basics C19278 1h
Preventing Accidents in the Workplace C19279 1h
Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Overview C18590 1h
Public Employee Safety in the Community C19280 1h
Recognizing Child Abuse C19281 1h
Recognizing Domestic Violence C19282 2h
Report Writing 1 C19283 1h
Report Writing 2 C19284 1h
Responders at Risk: Protecting First Responders From Opioid Exposure C19285 1h
Responding to Emergencies 1 C19286 1h
Responding to Emergencies 2 C19287 1h
Responding to People with Mental Illness C19868 2h
Retaining Talent C19288 1h
Riot Response for Corrections C19289 1h
Risks of Social Media in the Workplace C19290 2h
Running an Effective Board Meeting C19291 1h
Sexual Harassment For Managers C17977 2h
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace C17978 1h
Sexual Harassment Prevention – Corrections C18595 1h
Shaping an Ethical Workplace Culture C17979 1h
Sleep and Your Health C19292 1h
Smoking Cessation C19293 1h
Stress and Your Health C17773 1h
Stress Management for Corrections Officers C17724 1h
Subject Control 1 C19294 1h
Subject Control 2 C19295 1h
Subject Control 3 C19296 1h
Subject Control 4 C19297 1h
Successful Customer Interactions C19299 1h
Suicide by Cop C19300 1h
Suicide Prevention in Jails C19301 1h
Supervising Inmates C19302 1h
Supervision of Inmates in Dining Areas C19303 1h
Suspects in Medical Distress C18579 1h
Tactical Operations 1 C19304 1h
Tactical Operations 2 C19305 1h
Temporary Holding Facilities C18428 1h
Terrorism 1 C19306 1h
Terrorism 2 C19307 1h
Terrorism 3 C19308 1h
The Importance of Communication in Law Enforcement C19309 1h
The LGBTQ Community C17980 1h
The Will to Win 1 C19310 1h
The Will to Win 2 C19311 1h
The Will to Win 3 C19312 1h
The Will to Win 4 C19313 1h
The Will to Win 5 C19314 1h
The Will to Win 6 C19315 1h
Tourette Syndrome and Other Neurological Disorders C19316 1h
Understanding Anxiety Disorders, OCD, and PTSD C19317 1h
Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder C19318 1h
Understanding Behavior, Burnout, and Depression C19319 1h
Understanding Depression and Bipolar Disorder C19320 1h
Understanding Eating Disorders C19321 1h
Understanding Hostage Incidents C19322 1h
Understanding Inmates’ Rights – Legal Trends C17714 1h
Understanding Prediabetes C19323 1h
Use of Force C19326 2h
Use of Force Situations C19324 1h
Use of Less Lethal Force C19327 1h
Using Oleoresin Capsicum C19328 1h
Value of Inmate Programs C17713 1h
Vehicle Safety C19330 1h
Violence in the Workplace C19331 1h
Walking Your Way to Fitness C19332 1h
Wellness for Corrections C19408 1h
Workplace Bullying C19333 1h
Workplace Stress Resiliency C18580 1h
Written Communication and Report Writing C19334 1h
Yoga for First Responders C19335 1h
Violence in the Workplace C19331 1h
Walking Your Way to Fitness C19332 1h
Wellness for Corrections C19408 1h
Workplace Bullying C19333 1h
Workplace Stress Resiliency C18580 1h
Written Communication and Report Writing C19334 1h
Yoga for First Responders C19335 1h


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