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Career Survival for Corrections

While job survival relies heavily on tactical and operational skills, career survival skills rely on the intangibles. These courses will dive deeper into the aspects that create a successful career, such as professionalism, ethical decision making, and maintaining boundaries.

Course Name Course Description Length
Ethical Behavior for Corrections Officers This two-hour course will provide Corrections Officers with the essential information about ethical practices and behavior. 2h
Maintaining Boundaries for Corrections Staff This course is designed to inform anyone that deals with or has contact with incarcerated inmates about manipulation. Inmates will go to great lengths to convince staff to abandon professionalism, common sense and their better judgment in order to violate professional boundaries. This course will discuss these main topics: knowing where you are, knowing who you are dealing with, knowing how inmates target and manipulate staff and learning safeguards and methods to resist the inmate manipulator. 1h

Stress Management for Corrections Officers

When people think of a career in Law Enforcement, they typically envision words like honor, duty, service, and professionalism. Rarely, if ever, do they associate this line of work with words like anxiety, depression, PTSD, or suicide. This course takes a truthful look at the darker side of the job, where officers are sacrificing not only their physical wellbeing but their psychological health as well.