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Contraband Control

Contraband is a substantial concern for every Corrections Officer. As a CO, you’ll gain pertinent skills in this area of the job by taking courses such as Contraband Control, Standing Pat Down, as well as Searching a Suspect, and Alcohol Abuse Emergencies in Jails/Prisons.

Course Name Course Description Length
Alcohol Abuse Emergencies in Jail/Prisons A large percentage of the US population uses alcohol, and statistics state 85% of all inmates are involved with substances. All correctional officers should be aware of the signs of alcohol withdrawal and know how to deal with this problem. Likewise, inmates in prison may not be in withdrawal, but they can suffer serious alcohol problems from illegal substances”brewed” inside the facility. This course will give you training on recognizing the symptoms and how to take the necessary steps to assist inmates through this critical time. 2h
Contraband Control In this one-hour course, officers will learn to effectively learn how to identify, search for, and document all forms of contraband. 1h
Current Drug Trends Illicit drug and alcohol use in the United States is a significant cause for concern. While many illicit substances are well-known, there are many newer synthetics that pose a risk to law enforcement. Adding yet an additional layer to the complicated and challenging nature of police work are persons with mental illness who may be abusing alcohol and illicit substances. This course will provide learners with the knowledge, awareness, and understanding of the current and emerging drug trends and how mental illness is impacted by drugs and alcohol. 2h