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Correctional Healthcare

Correctional Healthcare covers a myriad of healthcare issues in a correctional facilty. Taking these courses will provide Corrections Officers with how to handle healthcare in the prison system with courses such as the needs of older inmates, MRSA, HIV, female realted healthcare, and pregnancy.

Course Name Course Description Length
BARS Technique After watching this video, students will be able to identify each component of the BARS technique. By learning this acronym, students will be able to … 10m
Bloodborne Pathogens (1 hour) This Bloodborne Pathogens online course provides the necessary training in accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) BloodBorne Pathogen Standard 29 CFR 1910.1030 for law enforcement officers. 1h
Cardiac Arrest Management Compressions After watching this video, students will be able to identify ways in which they can help a cardiac arrest victim. It is best to become knowledgeable … 5m
Combat Casualty Care After watching this video, viewers will learn the importance of carrying an emergency medical pack at all times to ensure preparedness for performing … 5m
Dealing with Persons in the Autism Spectrum In this video, Doug Wyllie chats with Susan Hamre of ‘Giant Steps’ about how officers can successfully navigate interactions with subjects who are on the Autism spectrum. She offers several points to remember that will help keep both the officer and subject safe and calm. 10m
Dealing with Pregnancy in a Law Enforcement Setting In this segment, Betsy Brantner Smith draws upon past experience and gives you tips on how to deal legally and emotionally with pregnancy in a Law Enforcement setting. 10m
Drug Withdrawal in Jail In this two-hour course, Corrections Officers will learn to identify drug withdrawal behaviors,and use proper safety precautions to manage inmates. 2h
Emergency Bandage Demonstration In this video tactical tip, Van Postell discusses and demonstrates several of the applications available to you with the emergency bandage also known as the Israeli Bandage for self-care or buddy care. 5m
Female Offenders and Related Issues This two-hour course explores the issues and challenges that arise when working directly with female inmates. 2h
Handling Medical Emergencies This course is intended to give you a perspective on what to be aware of and expect when you encounter a medical emergency in your facility, and how to respond to medical emergencies. 1h
Identifying and Dealing with Excited Delirium Lt. Michael Paulus identifies the typical symptoms of excited delirium and emphasizes the vital importance of getting medial help to the scene as soon as possible. 5m
MRSA in Correctional Facilities A silent hazard lurking in correctional facilities across the globe could be in your very own facility-MRSA. Perhaps your agency has had outbreaks or maybe you’ve been fortunate enough to miss this form of staph infection, but in either case, the following course will help you identify it, recognize areas where it may be festering, and how you can treat it. 1h
Medical Assessment Team In this video, Brian Blaisch, M.D., takes a look at the scenario-based training Urban Shield provides the Medical Assessment Team. 5m
Mental Illness: The Challenges of Staying on Medication In this video, Doug Wyllie, Police1 Editor in Chief, interviews Pat Doyle about Mental Illness. Discussion centers on the challenges many people have staying on medication as well as issues faced by both doctors and patients. 10m
Reality Training: Excited Delirium Appleton Wisconsin Watch this remarkable video where dispatch, police, and emergency medical personnel respond to a case of excited delirium in Appleton, Wisconsin. 10m
Responding to Hospital Emergencies After watching this video, the viewer will better understand that some of their normal options may not be available to them when responding to … 10m
Responding to an Incident in a Courtroom This video discusses an inmate’s courtroom outburst and how the deputies were able to respond quickly and effectively because of their training. The incident is analyzed from the first warning signs through to the deputies successfully gaining control of the inmate. 10m
Self Aid/Buddy Aid Extremity blood loss has accounted for far too many law enforcement deaths in years past. That’s why proper emergency wound care training is essential to keep wounded officers in the fight. In this segment, Chief Jeff Chudwin of Olympia Fields, IL, talks to Betsy Brantner-Smith about the critical subject of self-aid/buddy-aid. 10m
Tactical Medicine Steve Rabinovich and Dave Smith discuss the basics of Tactical Medicine. Patrol officers will understand the value of immediately addressing injuries in a dynamic tactical situation. 10m
The Role of the Bystander during CPR Mike Stillwagon, a paramedic and the Community Health Services Manager for AMR Ventura County discusses the four steps to Bystander CPR. By performing timely compression only CPR, you could save a life. 5m
The Use of Tourniquets Van Postell, Tactical Medical Lead Instructor discusses the necessity for officers to become familiar with general medical knowledge and be proficient with simple medical applications, specifically tourniquets with Law Enforcement Expert Betsy Brantner Smith. 10m
Tourniquet Use: A Medical Director Explains Dr. David Tan explains the current thinking behind tourniquet use, explaining lessons learned from military use and scenarios in which they are applied. 10m
Treating a Broken Bone After watching this video, the viewer will learn how to assist themselves and others in the event a broken bone occurs.If you have no choice to … 5m
Treating a Heart Attack Dr. David Bellamy talks to Dave Smith about what to do if you think you’re having a heart attack. 10m
Using HALO Chest Seal In this video tactical tip, Van Postell discusses and demonstrates the application of an occlusive dressing such as the HALO Chest Seal to treat a sucking chest wound. 5m
What to do When Wounded Dr. David Bellamy talks to Dave Smith about survival techniques officers can use when wounded. 10m