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Corrections TCOLE Intermediate Courses

These courses meet training mandates from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) .

Course Name Course Description Length
Intermediate Inmate Rights and Privileges – 3502 TCOLE This is the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) mandated Inmate Rights; Privileges #3502 online training course offered for Texas Jailers. By employing a case law perspective, this course provides an understanding of inmates’ rights and responsibilities while incarcerated in Texas jails. The content includes a brief historical perspective of correctional law as a means of further understanding what inmate rights have been in the past, and current trends of the 5th Circuit and Supreme Court. 16h
Intermediate Suicide Prevention and Screening – 3501 TCOLE Suicide is the leading cause of death in jail settings. More than one-third of all jail deaths is a result of a suicide. This course is to provide Jailers with an understanding of suicidal behavior and methods for detection and prevention of suicide in the jail setting. Suicide prevention should begin at arrest and continue throughout the individuals stay in a jail facility. Experience has shown that almost all jail suicides can be averted with implementation of a comprehensive prevention program that includes: staff training, intake screening, communication between staff, appropriate and safe housing, frequent observation, prompt intervention, and human interaction between staff and inmates. 8h
Intermediate Use of Force in a Jail Setting – 3504 TCOLE Corrections officers are required to use force to maintain order, keep people safe, and enforce the law. Officers must have an understanding of the statutory authority for use of force models and use of force options. This course enables corrections officers to identify the causes of disruptive behavior and disturbances and will clarify the appropriate preventative action needed to protect others from harm. This course is one of the Intermediate Core Courses required by Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) rules to receive intermediate certification as a county corrections officer. 16h