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Escorting Inmates

Escorting inmates is no easy or safe task and is often overlooked in the grand scheme of Corrections. However, its importance is exemplified in courses such as The Lost Art of Manual Control, Body Lock and Control, Asking for Cooperation, and Front Cuffing from Behind.

Course Name Course Description Length
Court Tactics and Techniques There are few places more dynamic, emotional, and potentially dangerous to transport an inmate than a courthouse. Anytime you transport an inmate out of a secure correctional facility, you must be vigilant of your surroundings. This is exponentially true for courthouses and courtrooms. Inmates, their family, victims, and enemies know in advance when then court proceedings will be held. This provides ample opportunity for escape attempts, passing of contraband or assaults. That coupled with the emotional context around court proceedings, testimony, and sentencing, the courtroom requires a heightened level of awareness and security. This course will focus on transporting and monitoring inmates going to court, in a way that is safe and efficient for the inmate, yourself, and others. 1h
Escorting Inmates The process of escorting inmates, though simple, carries the highest risk of escape. This includes movement within or between facilities, to and from court, hospitals, or other medical detail locations. Many precautions are taken before moving inmates. This course is designed to highlight all of the different facets of moving inmates under your control. 1h