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Hostage Situations

While not an everyday occurrence, hostage situations have long been a danger to Corrections facilities. They put an extreme amount of stress on all parties involved, can be deadly, and their presence requires the full attention of COs and first responders alike. Courses such as Understanding Hostage Incidents and Hostage Negotiations are included in this topic to help alleviate some of the stress and guesswork of hostage situations.

Course Name Course Description Length
Hostage Negotiations This two-hour Hostage Negotiations online course will teach you the steps to creating a better outcome during a hostage crisis. 2h
Understanding Hostage Incidents The chances that you or a fellow officer will be taken as a hostage are slim, yet the chance looms out there as a reminder to remain diligent in your duties. Riots in correctional facilities occur, in some more than others, which makes this training is so important. To deter hostage incidents from occurring, this 1-hour course will help you recognize some of the signs. This training will also give you information to help you survive the case of a hostage situation. 1h