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Mental Health for Inmates

There are several types of mental health issues you will encounter in the corrections setting. Explore these issues with courses like Mental Health in Jails and Suicide Prevention in Jails, to name a few.

Course Name Course Description Length
Mental Health in Jails This 1-hour course will teach Corrections Officers how to recognize symptoms to provide a safer environment, as well as apply appropriate measures in managing inmates with mental illness. 1h
Suicide Prevention in Jails In this one-hour course, Corrections Officers will be introduced to the prevalence, prevention, and aftereffects of suicide in jails. 1h
Understanding and Responding to Excited Delirium Calls Whether the mental upset is the result of a chemical intake, emotional despair, mental illness, or cognitive challenges, excited delirium calls often place officers at continuous risk by the unknown that each of these categories presents. Knowing how to deal with a volatile situation, such as excited delirium, reduces the risk associated with the incident for the officer as well as for the subject. With the overarching mission statement of to protect and serve; we must continue to find tactically correct methods for dealing with observed irrational behavior. 1h