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Probation and Parole

Preparing to serve in the challenging field of probation and parole supervision is an important role in the rehabilitation of inmates. The Probation and Parole topic is a resource for probation officers to get the training they need to stay safe on the job while providing a very important duty to their community.

Course Name Course Description Length
Introduction to Probation As a Correctional Officer, you are part of the Criminal Justice system, which is made up of three parts: Law Enforcement, Courts, and Corrections. This course will explore the history and current applications of Probation and how they affect your job as well as the criminal justice system. We will walk through evidence-based practices, their benefits, and why they are imperative for everyday use by the probation officer. 1h
Jail Release Procedures This one-hour course will provide the Corrections Officer with applicable knowledge on releasing inmates from facilities properly. 1h