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Tactical Response

The ability to protect yourself in a dangerous encounter with a violent subject is vital for any Corrections Officer. Refresh your skills and learn new techniques from experienced officers and industry leaders with single videos and full length courses on tactical response, subject control, crowd control, edged weapon defense, riot response, and even effective communications with inmates, plus many more.

Course Name Course Description Length
CIT for Correctional Facilities Corrections Officers are confronted daily with incarcerated individuals that suffer from mental illness. Handling incidents that involve those that are diagnosed with mental illness demand an urgency of response, services, and care. This one hour course is designed to increase correctional officers’s ability to recognize and respond to a mental health crisis in jail, prison, or another correctional facility. 1h
Patrol Procedures in Correctional Facilities As a corrections officer you will spend a great deal of time within or around the facility. You should know you facility as well as you know your own home, and sometimes, even better. A dark corner at home may not contain danger that may lurk in your facility. This course will give you the material to help recognize what your responsibilities are for a safe and secure environment. You will learn what to look for and/or where you can gain information that is important to the safety and security of the facility. Last, you will be given the tools to help you deal with many of the situations that you may come across while making the rounds in your facility. 1h
Riot Response for Corrections It is a dreadful thought your facility has lost control over the inmates and they are now in a position of power and manipulation. While no one wants to find themselves in this situation, your best chances for survival are to be prepared in the event it does happen. This course will look at some common causes of these disturbances, how to prevent them, and how to deal with them if they do arise. 1h