CorrectionsOne Academy Courses

CorrectionsOne Academy combines a comprehensive learning management system developed specifically for public safety with nearly 100 corrections-specific training courses and 300 videos developed from’s repository of expert articles, news analysis and video content, and PoliceOne Academy, which serves nearly 1,000 law enforcement departments. The extensive course library will cover all facets of corrections training, including use of force, defensive tactics, officer safety, leadership skills, and more.

Contraband Control

Conducting Searches in a Corrections Setting
Searching a Suspect

Corrections Training

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Video Blocks
Corrections 1 (1 hour)
Corrections 2 (1 hour)
Corrections 3 (1 hour)
Corrections 4 (1 hour)

Cultural Diversity

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Full-Length Courses
LGBTI Issues (1 hour)

Cultural Diversity: Challenging Stereotypes
Cultural Diversity: Cognitive Styles
Cultural Diversity: Communication context
Cultural Diversity: Gender Differences
Cultural Diversity: Generational Differences

Defensive Tactics for Corrections

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Full-Length Courses
De-Escalation and Minimizing Use of Force (2 hours)

Video Blocks
Defensive Tactics 1 (1 hour)
Defensive Tactics 2 (1 hour)
Defensive Tactics 3 (1 hour)
Defensive Tactics 4 (1 hour)
Defensive Tactics 5 (1 hour)
Defensive Tactics 6 (1 hour)
Defensive Tactics 7 (1 hour)
Defensive Tactics 8 (1 hour)
Defensive Tactics 9 (1 hour)
Defensive Tactics 10 (1 hour)
Defensive Tactics 11 (1 hour)
Defensive Tactics 12 (1 hour)
Defensive Tactics 13 (1 hour)
Defensive Tactics 14 (1 hour)
Defensive Tactics 15 (1 hour)

Active Countermeasures: Relative Positioning Drills
Active Countermeasures: Touch Drills
An Alternative Way to Defend Yourself Against Edged
Applying a Simple Foot Trap in a Correctional Setting
Applying the Brachial Stun after Answering the Phone
Baton Carries
Baton Close Quarter Strikes
Baton Strikes in Confined Spaces
Baton Training in the Classroom
Baton Use in Close Quarters
Brachial Stun Technique
Cell Extraction Techniques
Close-Quarters Striking Techniques
Color Code Tactical Sitting
Cross-grab Takedown Techniques
Defending Against a Straight Punch
Edged Weapons Defense Training
Elbow Drills
Escape from the Mounted Position_BC
Escaping the Mount by Using the Forced Bridge_BC
Ground Defense Position
Ground Positions: Weapon Retention
Ground Stabilization after Baton Strikes
Hip Escape Drill
How to Use Striking Shields
Inside Arm Drag Progression
Maintaining a Reactionary Gap
Maximizing Your Body Mmechanics when Striking
Practicing Low Knee Strikes
Proper Response
SARS Technique Escalating Use of Force
SARS Technique in Practice
SARS Transition Drills
Securing an Inmate from Knee on the Belly
Shield Selection for Cell Extractions
Star Tactic Variations
Surviving a Jail Stabbing Assault
Take Down Tactics for Smaller Officers
Takedown from a Figure Four
The Cooper Color Code
The Horn Come-along Technique
The Z Lock
Toolbox Approach to using a Baton
Training with Inert OC Spray: Hitting Your Target
Trap and Stun Technique
Using the Straight Armbar to Gain Subject Compliance
Warrior Mindset

Effective Communication

Arresting Communication
Body Language: Detecting Deceit
Body Language: Questioning a Subject
Combining Verbal and Physical Control
Human Intuition
New Era, New Rules
The Art of Asking Questions
Verbal Abuse Deflectors
Winning Courtroom Confrontations

Escorting Inmates

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Full-Length Courses
Holds and Restraints (2 hours)

Active Countermeasures Options
Armbar Manipulations
Asking for Cooperation
Body Lock & Harness
Constant Tactical Positioning
Courtroom Searches
Distracting a Suspect
Front Cuffing from Behind
Intervention Options
Knee Strike Technique
Kneeling Pat Down
Measuring Compliance when Applying Handcuffs
Multiple Suspect Control in Close Quarters
Plan B Drill_BC
Reality Training: Control Tactics in Court
RT – Escaping Handcuffs BC
Standing Pat Down
The Lost Art of Manual Control
Verbal De-escalation Skills
Wrist Twist_BC (Larry Smith)

Ethical Behavior for Corrections Officers

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Full-Length Courses
Ethics in Law Enforcement (1 hour)

Precautions when Using Social Media
Privacy Protocols for Officers and the Internet
Social Contracts
Social Networking Precautions

Handling Medically Related Issues

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Full-Length Courses
Bloodborne Pathogens (1 hour)
Bloodborne Pathogens with Case Studies (2 hour)

Leadership Skills

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Video Blocks
Leadership 1 (1 hour)
Leadership 5 (1 hour)

Attributes of a Leader
Battling Toxic Leadership
Building an Effective Organization
Classroom Model: Benefits and Shortcomings
Coaching Program for Law Enforcement
Coaching Strategies for the FTO
Create an Agency & Fail List
Ethical Interventions
Four Imperative Traits of a Supervisor
Generational Difference in LE
Generational Issues and Shift Work
Leadership Skills using the “Abilene Paradox”
Liability of Not Training
Sensei vs. Instructor
Team Building for Agencies
Ten Minutes in Training
Would I work for Me

Legal Issues

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Full-Length Courses
Officer Liability (2 hours)

Can an Officer Do That?
Liability Issues in Use of Force
The Importance of Policies and Procedures

Mental Health in Jails

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Full-Length Courses
Understanding and Responding to Excited Delirium Calls (1 hour)

Dealing with Persons in the Autism Spectrum (Susan Hamre)
Mental Illness: The Challenges of Staying on Medication
Non-escalation vs De-escalation Verbal Tactics


Dare to be Great

Nutritional Standards

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Full-Length Courses
Fitness & Nutrition 5 (1 hour)

Eating Patterns
Fitness for Lower Back
Fitness with Di Naso: Bench Press
Fitness with Di Naso: Bench Squat
Fitness with Di Naso: Front to Backward Lunge
Fitness with Di Naso: Lat Pull Down
Fitness with Di Naso: Medicine Ball
Fitness with Di Naso: Prehabilitation Back
Fitness with Di Naso: Pull-Up
Fitness with Di Naso: Push-Up
Fitness with Di Naso: Self-Assessment
Fitness with Di Naso: Split Squat
Fitness with Di Naso: Working the Core
Job Stress: Myths and Truths
Memory and Decision Making

Officer Safety

Be the One
Confidence and Competence
Discipline of Being Positive
Don’t Become a Hostage
Ethical Warrior: Protecting Self and Others
How to Deal with a Bad Day
Overcoming Fear

Riot Response for Corrections

Large Squad Riot Techniques
Outfitting for Corrections
Tactical Formations

Security Threat Groups

Becoming a Gang Expert
Community Based Information Systems
Conducting Gang Interviews
Difference Between Street and Prison Gangs
East Coast Crips
Gangs Lessons Learned
History of Mexican Gangs
Influence of Prison Gangs on the Streets
Interviewing Gang Members Upon Prison Intake
White Gangs

Supervising Inmates

Direct Supervision of Inmates
Responding to an Incident in a Courtroom
Using Technology to Your Advantage

Understanding Hostage Incidents

Police vs Correctional Hostage Negotiations

Writing Reports

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Full-Length Courses
Report Writing 2 (1 hour)

Checklist for Report Writing
Kevin Dillon’s Report Writing Tips
Narrative Skills for Report Writing
Report Writing Legal Issues: Cut and Paste
Report Writing: Authoring
Report Writing: Distractions
Report Writing: Metadata
Report Writing: Spell Check