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Corrections Training

Contemporary issues in prisons require officers to be highly trained for risky and often unexpected situations. Videos included here cover a wide variety of training discussions, such as tactical team formations, the role of Disturbance Control Teams, techniques for cuffing an inmate or safely extracting an inmate from their cell, and the signs and treatment for excited delirium.

Video Block: Corrections 1

1 hour

  • Reality Training: Control Tactics in Court
  • Direct Supervision of Inmates
  • Responding to an Incident in a Courtroom
  • Securing an Inmate from Knee on the Belly
  • Shield Selection for Cell Extractions
  • Standing Pat Down
  • Surviving a Jail Stabbing Assault

Video Block: Corrections 2

1 hour

  • Applying a Simple Foot Trap in a Correctional Setting
  • Baton Close Quarter Strikes
  • Cell Extraction Techniques
  • Police vs Correctional Hostage Negotiations
  • Social Contracts
  • Star Tactic Variations

Video Block: Corrections 3

1 hour

  • Active Countermeasures: Relative Positioning Drills
  • Active Countermeasures: Touch Drills
  • Baton Carries
  • Baton Strikes in Confined Spaces
  • Baton Training in the Classroom
  • Baton Use in Close Quarters
  • Conducting Searches in a Corrections Setting
  • How to Use Striking Shields
  • Outfitting for Corrections

Video Block: Corrections 4

1 hour

  • Large Squad Riot Techniques
  • Winning Courtroom Confrontations
  • Reality Training: Courthouse Shooting
  • Training with Inert OC Spray: Hitting Your Target
  • Ground Stabilization After Baton
  • Close-Quarter Striking Techniques
  • Ground Positions: Weapon Retention
  • Edged Weapons Defense Training